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    Samsung SIR-S4120R

    Spent the last two days searching for info on this DTivo Series 2 unit and so far have come up dry. There was only 1 post on this forum regarding this unit and it wasn't positive. But that's to be expected as the unit is still new and not many people have gotten the chance to look at it.

    So I figured I would start this specific thread to keep these new users up to date.

    It's my understanding that the kernel hasn't been hacked yet??? Beats me I'm new to this scene and now nada about Linux. All I want to do right now is change the drive out with something quieter and while I'm at it something bigger. Does anything have to be done to the kernel in order to change the drive space? Are the tutorials I'm finding on upgrading drive space for DTivo Series 2 work on all units regardless of how hacked they have become?

    Otherwise I'll just get the same size drive only quieter. My 10,000 RPM Western Digital is quieter then the POS drive it came with.

    When the time does come to add some functionality to my unit like a NIC is it true that in order to add or change any of the files on the drive you need to update the PROM? If so has anyone does this yet on this unit?

    Also I would be willing to image this drive and send the image to anyone that would "actually" use it to gain progress on this unit. Or would you still need the hardware?

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    1) This post belongs in the NEWBIE forum and will be relocated.

    2) These units can be compromised as they will boot the 3.1U5 kernel. They will not run the 3.1U5 software so my recommendation is to run 3.1.1b if you can since it is destined to become the platform of choice.

    3) "two card monte with the kernel? A new possibility for hacking the HDVR2 w/o prom mods". Read and understand. Same for the rest of the stickies, except for the corbelli guide.

    4) WD drives are loud. Buy a Seagate or a Maxtor with fluid bearings.

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