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Thread: HDVR2 USB Networking

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    HDVR2 USB Networking

    I'm about to buy a USB network adapter for this S2 receiver and am wondering if there is any performance advantage to purchase the supposedly faster USB 2.0 adapter.

    Can someone who have used both USB1/1.1 and 2.0 shed some light in this regard?

    Also, is there any real tangible performance difference between brands using the current drivers? If so, is there any that should be avoided or preferred.

    I've seen the list of tested/approved cards, but can't remember there is ever a list based on performance.

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    HouseBowlrz Guest


    I had no problems with setting up network connectivity on the USB port. Cobelli's guide at lists cards supported by the two drivers (pegasus and ax8817x).

    I purchased the NetGear FA120 which is USB 2.0 and backward compatible to USB 1.x ... am accessing the box with dedicated IP via telnet on my home LAN.

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    HouseBowlrz... can you tell me what drivers you used to get the Netgear USB adapter to work? I just bought the same one, and tried using the commands from Cobelli's guide. But when I get down to insmod /lib/modules/ehci-hcd.o I get a stack dump and the unit reboots.



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    The Netgear FA120 uses the ax8817x.o driver as shown in the sample hackinit files in cobelli's guide per step 44. The USB 2.0 adapters are more than twice as fast as the USB1.1 adapters and slightly faster than a Turbonet used in the series 1 Tivos when it comes to data transfer. If you plan on doing a lot of video extraction it's well worth the cost. The Netgear FA120 sells for just under $30.00 at CompUSA. Compare that to $70 for a Turbonet and it's a real bargain.
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