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    Angry What happen to

    I am very confuse about this file. Everytime I modify this file, use zmodem (binary mode) to transfer it back. I do a Cat command to make sure it is the right file and then I do this in the file directory:

    chmod 777

    but after I restart (type reboot), it will tell me this:
    /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit: /etc/rc.d/ No such file or directory

    I do a ls on that directory, it will show:
    -rwxr-xr-x 1 0 0 929 Dec 27 1994

    Using this set:

    chmod 755

    will also produce the same result. What is happening? The file is exactly where it should be. The only way for it to work now is this:

    Cat >

    <copy and paste the line in>

    Ctrl D

    chmod 755


    The file will be recognized and everything will be fine no matter how many time I restart it. I am very confuse. Can anyone help?


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    zmodem doesn't always work when overwriting a file. If you delete or rename the file on the Tivo before you send the new one, then it should work.

    Also, if you are editing on a PC, you MUST save the file in *nix format, not DOS. That means either using an editor that can save in that format, or using DOS2UNIX to convert it.


    Learn how to edit it on the Tivo and avoid the problem.
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    Thanks for the reply. After many attempt to transfer, I decide to just type the whole thing (after deleteing the original file) using the cat command. Cmod and reboot, work like a charm. A hard lesson to learn: always cmod 777 or 755 after modifying the

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