I've been searching and reading this web page for the past few hours to answer a long list of questions I have, but haven't come up with 100% clear answers to all of them. I'd really appreciate the help of the experts so I can determine if I should go with DirectTV (I currently have Dish Network but am getting rid of them soon), or Cox Cable who now has their own DVR solution that is similar to TiVo.

1) I have no phone line. Do I need access to one in order to activate TiVo or use it at any time? If so, when and why?

2) I have a wireless router and a Linksys WET11 Wireless Ethernet Bridge in my living room for my Xbox. If TiVo guide information and the TiVo software can be updated via Internet, then does a TiVo have an RJ45 jack so the WET11 connect to give it an Internet connection?

3) Every once in a while I may want to order a PPV event, and I don't mind calling DirectTV on the phone or logging in to their web page to order it. Is a phone line required to activate the PPV event, or is this only for ordering via the remote control?

4) To hack a TiVo unit, it sounds like I need to know what series/model it is. What info do I need to know about the unit to know how it needs to be hacked?

5) What additional hardware do I have to buy? It sounds like I need another HD; anything else?

I'm trying to determine if I should go with DirectTV and hacking a TiVo unit BEFORE I purchase it, or go with Cox Cable. I'm an expert computer user and software engineer, so following directions, installing Linux, making a FAT32 partition, etc. is trivial. I just need as much info up front to decide if I can do what I want (wireless networked TiVo and no phone line, spend some money and time to hack it) or avoid all of that and go with Cox.