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Thread: How can I retrieve the MAC of my Tivo's USB card

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    How can I retrieve the MAC of my Tivo's USB card

    I have the Linksys 200M attached to my HDVR2.

    My Netgear automatically assigns IP addresses; when I go to the 'attached devices' page, it only shows my PC.

    The Tivo, however, has been assigned When I go into Hyperterm, I can get into the Tivo - so it is on the network.

    Since it doesn't show up (the Tivo), I can't get the MAC address to reserve it under DHCP with the .10 address.

    I'm tired, I'm stupid, but my old Linksys let me check this sort of stuff.

    What am I missing and how can I solve this issue?


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    First, from the tivo bash, type ifconfig. the HWaddr is the mac address. it is probably somewhere on the adapter itself.

    Second, if you are running actual HDVR2 software, a DHCP client is not included and you have most likely statically assigned the IP. In that case, you don't need to do anything to your router.

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    Its also in the settings>phone&network screen of the TiVo.
    (might also be on the system Info screen, but didn't check)
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