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Thread: ADS Technologies USB Instant Video CD

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    ADS Technologies USB Instant Video CD

    so i was wondering, if i use this can i extract stuff from my tivo without having to really hack it?

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    That wouldn't be extraction, just recording. But, sure, you can do that. Just be aware that you'll lose some quality. That's true regardless of the device's specs, since it introduces an extra pair of conversions -- digital -> analog -> digital. But based on the name, it also sounds like it's limited to VCD resolution, which is much lower than what's on the Tivo. It could still be better than VHS, though.

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    Get the DVD version of this unit.

    Bundled software is OK.

    It kind of takes over your system to muster enough resources but recording quality is acceptable. Standard codecs, Ulead VideoStudio 6.0 included. Includes DVD burning software too and allows on-the-fly recording/burning if your system is fast enough.

    Overall: so-so.

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