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Thread: .ty -> Mpeg errors

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    Angry .ty -> Mpeg errors

    I don't ever seem to be able to convert .ty to .mpeg. I always get a "gop" error. I've tried several different shows like 24 and so forth; the idea being that I can watch some things on a PC/Laptop. The Tystudio documentation mentions "Generic MPEG2" and "no Transcoding" which I do. The video is viewable just fine in Tystudio. I did successfully make 1 VCD. But MPEG through MS Media Player never works. Here's my most recent attempt, and yes, I do move the cuts around some as well:

    demux: Probing TyStream .....
    demux: Tystream recorded on:
    demux: DTivo Series 1
    demux: Software rev 2.0 or higher
    demux: Tystream recoding audio stats:
    demux: MPEG Layer II audio
    demux: Average tyrecord (audio) size: 588
    demux: Audio frame size: 576
    demux: Audio frame time: 2160 (ticks)
    demux: Tystream recoding video stats:
    demux: Frame rate: 29.97 frames/sec
    demux: Seeking TyStream start of MPEG Layer II audio
    demux: Found start of MPEG Layer II audio
    demux: Skipping to chunk 0 - reseting chunk numbering

    demux: demuxing
    demux: get_audio: Warning! Audio size 575 while pes says size 576
    demux: Error: Temporal reference error when trying to close gop
    demux: Audio offset (for mplex -O) is 8

    mplex: Pipe looks like an MPEG Video stream.
    mplex: Pipe looks like an MPEG
    Audio stream.
    mplex: Found 1 audio streams and 1 video streams
    mplex: Selecting generic MPEG2 output profile
    mplex: Multiplexing video program stream!
    mplex: Scanning for header info: Video stream e0 (unnamed)
    mplex: VIDEO STREAM: e0
    mplex: Frame width : 480
    mplex: Frame height : 480
    mplex: Aspect ratio : 4:3 display
    mplex: Picture rate : 29.970 frames/sec
    mplex: Bit rate : 15000000 bits/sec
    mplex: Vbv buffer size : 229376 bytes
    mplex: CSPF : 0
    mplex: Scanning for header info: Audio stream c0 (unnamed)
    mplex: MPEG AUDIO STREAM: c0
    mplex: Audio version : 1.0
    mplex: Layer : 2
    mplex: CRC checksums : no
    mplex: Bit rate : 24576 bytes/sec (192 kbit/sec)
    mplex: Frequency : 48000 Hz
    mplex: Mode : 1 joint stereo
    mplex: Mode extension : 2
    mplex: Copyright bit : 0 no copyright
    mplex: Original/Copy : 1 original
    mplex: Emphasis : 0 none
    mplex: SYSTEMS/PROGRAM stream:
    mplex: rough-guess multiplexed
    stream data rate : 15425800
    mplex: Setting best-guess data rate.
    mplex: Run-in Sectors = 88 Video delay = 9131 Audio delay = 0
    mplex: New sequence commences...
    mplex: Video e0: buf= 235520 frame=000000 sector=00000000
    mplex: Audio c0: buf= 4096 frame=000000 sector=00000000
    demux: We can't close gop
    demux: We can't close the gop in this cut - choose another frame for your cut

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    MS media player (unless I'm mistaken) does *not* ship with an acceptable MPEG-2 decoder for use with TiVo generated streams. That could be the problem. Try using a DVD playing program (PowerDVD, WinDVD) and choose 'Open Media Files' or something like that to get to the .mpg file you saved.


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