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Thread: question on 31fixsub

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    question on 31fixsub

    Hello i onstalled like it said on my DSR7000
    fixsub31 for 3.1 Tivolater

    To Install:

    Extract the files

    type rmrw to remount root readwrite

    send the files to the TiVo in your favorite way.

    All files MUST go in /

    Once the files are over chmod +x

    Then ./

    Once it is done you can rm the files you copied over

    finally type rmro to sync and remount root readonly

    type reboot
    My question is when i go to the sytem setup it gives me a screen that says "you need to update your Tivo" every week (now it's up to 21 days). Is the fix working or should I install it another way?

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    You have to run the script every couple of days to clear the error. You can make the following script to make it run every day and call this from your

    while true; do
    sleep 82800 

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