Nice forum here,
I've been reading for a few weeks now (my eyes are burning as a matter of fact).
Anyway, I read and I had to have a Tivo!
So I bought one today. A Tivo Unit-model number TCD140060 Series 2 Original standalone unit.
Now, I sort of have the concept down for an upgrade however, I think for now I will stick with the 60GB hardrive. I just want to use it with my directv and regular cable.
Now for the questions:
I live in Canada so I have no access to sign up for a "lifetime membership", how can I "acquire " the guides from directv?
I don't really want to use this unit as an "expensive manually controlled VCR"
I would like to "unlock" the full potential" of this unit and then upgrade to a bigger hard drive later.
Can you still use this unit if I can't subscribe? Can I pause live TV etc.?
Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.
I know: read,read,read!!!!
But I can't find the answer for these questions?
Thanks in advance,