Ok this has TiVo has been down too long. The TiVo is a TiVo series 2 with the 80 hrs; it is just a stand alone, not Sony or Satellite.

TiVo told me my drive was about to die, it would be ok for a few minutes then freeze.

I got a Maxtor 120 gig drive. I downloaded MFSTools 2.0. I followed the FAQ; # mfsbackup -aqo - /dev/hdc | mfsrestore -xpi - /dev/had. That seemed to work after about an hour. I got a report saying that it was completed and I should have 131 hours. I shutdown Linux and took the drive out. Now it is in Tivo and will not boot up. I hear it spin. I threw the old drive in and it will start up and freeze in 3-5 minutes.

Now what?

My computer BIOS sees the drive.
MFSTools sees the drive.
I tried all the jumpers, Master/Slave/Cable Select.
I saw that there was a few things like runideturbo=false or the Qunlock.
Qunlock looks like it could hose the drive if it doesnít need it. The drive is brand new and that utility looks like it is for older drives.
Runideturbo=false also looks like for older drives and where do I put that command?
The drive sounds to spin up, but it doesnít sound like the heads are reading anything.

Iím at a loss, please help out?