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Thread: Best method for series 2 extraction?

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    Best method for series 2 extraction?

    I know this has been covered in one form or another many times, but its pretty spread out.

    I use tytools to edit, vob, and ifo/bup. Then burn. On a lot of shows the DVD dies in the middle.. is there any tried and true method I can use? Im far from a video expert, so any help anyone can provide would be appreciated.



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    This is how I personally do it. Your mileage may vary....

    I use TyTool on my Series 2 Stand Alone. I do this using MuscleNerd's tyserver binary he posted. You can find it TivoBell's post in this forum I believe.

    I nab the .ty file, make the key files, edit the key files, multiplex the file.

    I then use TMPGEnc and Re-encode it to SVCD until I have enough episodes of said show to burn to DVD.

    When I have 4 hour shows, or 8 half hour shows I use TMPGEnc again and re-encode to DVD format with a constant bit rate of 3000.

    I then use the TMPGEnc DVD Author to burn to DVD.

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