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Thread: A few MFS Questions

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    A few MFS Questions

    Is it possible to get the "Model Number", not the SwSystem last 3 digits, but the "HDVR3" number displayed in System Information from the MFS database?

    Also, Is it possible to tell from MFS wether a unit is a SA or DTivo?

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    this will scan mfs & tell you exactly what sw is running - from that you can determine what the hardware possibilities are. compiling a version lookup table & determining the exact hardware will be more involved but this is enough for a package manager to determine what modules will work on a system.

    # get_SwSystem.tcl - rc3105 at
    # scans mfs & lists the SwSystem version info
    EnableTransactionHoldoff true
    set db [dbopen]
    ForeachMfsFile fsid name type "/SwSystem" "" {
     puts "/SwSystem/$name" ; set prefix ""
     RetryTransaction {
      set obj [db $db openid $fsid]
      set swsysid [dbobj $obj get ServerId]
      set swsysv [dbobj $obj get ServerVersion]
      set modules [dbobj $obj get Module]
      foreach mobj $modules {
       set name [dbobj $mobj get Name]
       set serverid [dbobj $mobj get ServerId]
       set release [dbobj $mobj get ModuleRelease]
       set mver [dbobj $mobj get ModuleVersion]
       set fileid [dbobj $mobj get ModuleFile]
       puts "$mver/$name-$serverid-$release"
      puts "$mver/swsystem-$swsysid-$swsysv\n"
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