I have a Sony T-60 with cachecard
FTP,Telnet, etc. all working

Could someone help me with some newbie questions on the install of Tivoweb +

I have read install directions from the original Tivoweb and those pointed to unzipping on your pc
and then ftp’ing all the files to a directory of Tivoweb-tcl that you created.

My questions on the new plus version are

I will delete the existing Tivoweb-tcl directory
I was told I needed to do this

I will transfer the downloaded latest version of Tivoweb plus to a directory of my choice
Binary mode (I assume yes)
Is there a smarter directory to transfer to and launch from?

I have seen a couple of different recommendations on how to unzip and install.

It was told it will make all necessary directories

Do I need to chmod any files? If so which ones and what command?

Does this new install load anything into rc.syninit for starting on boot?
I am fine starting with Telnet when needed (./tivoweb)

Thanks in advance for any help.
I struggle knowing when and what to chmod and I also struggle to know
If there are better directories to keep files in.