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Thread: xbmp,xbmc and tivo streaming help

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    xbmp,xbmc and tivo streaming help

    Im looking into getting streaming working on from my tivo to my xbox.. my tivo and xbox are both hacked..

    I got ccxstream for the tivo and put it on my tivo and ran it as ./ccxstream &

    on the xbmp or xbmc i added in the ip of the tivo..

    now when i selecte the share on either app it shows
    live and now playing folders.. how ever when I click on them it doesnt
    give me any listings to click on.. am I missing something.?

    i saw the output tho in my console window on my pc which was still connected to my tivo, its just not displaying this on the xbox??


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    Check out this thread:

    Only certain dated CVS versions of XBMP properly supported listing and streaming from the TiVo.

    Even so, the last I checked, it's still a bit chunky - FF/REW don't work exactly as expected, and it really messes with the TiVo's display of whatever it is currently playing back...

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    Did you use CCXtest on your PC to see what the PC could see? That's a good way to start eliminating the problem.

    ccxtest where XXX is the Tivo's IP address. Should show FSIDs of the programs (not the program names).

    Once you get past that, there's the new program that uses TivoWeb to resovle the names on Xbox.

    I got it all working, but i'm not sure how much i'm going to use it. We'll see...


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