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Thread: EndPadPlus - for all your soft padding needs - includes DUAL TUNER support and more!

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    EndPadPlus - for all your soft padding needs - includes DUAL TUNER support and more!

    EndPadPlus * for all your soft padding needs

    Adds padding at the start and end of every program as long as it does not
    conflict with another recording.

    This script was derived from sanderton's EndPad 1.3.3. The most notable
    improvement is the addition of DirecTiVo Dual Tuner support. Other
    refinements include modularization of code, improved command line handling,
    improved and verbose logging, suggestion equalization, and more.

    Thanks to sanderton for allowing me to start from his existing code and
    to splitsec for helping during the debugging process. Some thanks from the
    original EndPad include Dibblah and ccwf for suggestions and refinements and
    LJ for log rotation code. Additionally, some portions of the new code were
    based upon code taken from TivoWebPlus, which is a collaborative effort.

    Latest release: 1.2.3
    Release timestamp: January 3, 2017 @ 1:30am MST

    Latest improvements/fixes:
    -- fixed TiVo software identification problem with version 11.0n (. after n instead of -) (falcontx)

    -- user-defined start and end padding
    -- dual tuner support
    -- optional suggestion equalization
    -- optional back-to-back exemption

    -- All series
    -- All models
    -- All software versions
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