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Thread: S1 -> S2: Analyzing the audio problem...

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    I had some trouble finding this myself, but finally found it. Search for "tmf conversion" in thread titles only and then it's on the second page of thread "Ty---> Tmf Conversion Discussion". Searching for ty+2tmf doesn't hit because of the "+" character I think.

    The link is


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    My Small Contribution to S1->S2

    Appreciate the development of this ...
    Wish I had the time to do this kind of development ...

    Here is my small contribution:
    Put this .bat file in your "SendTo" folder, (I named it 122.bat) which will allow you to right click on an S1 ty, and "SendTo" the bat file to do the conversion to S2.

    ty1to2 -i %1 -o %1.ty

    It adds a .ty extension, so if you don't rename, it will end up with a ".ty.ty". I just shorten the name, and leave off the extension. When you insert it the full name is restored anyway.

    Thanks Again

    Quote Originally Posted by bcc View Post
    Here's a new version of ty1to2. Changes:
    • Fixes 2GB file size issue
    • Fix assertion failure in master.c
    • cosmetic gcc 4.0 changes

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    ty1to2 version 1.6

    Per request, here's a new build that adds support for s1 standalone systems. I only have 1 test stream to test against, so hopefully this is right. I didn't even realize s1 standalone recordings required a conversion step to play back on newer tivos.

    (The xml-win-lib is for windows users only, and is the same as what I've posted previously.)

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    If you like I can provide S1 streams. Tell me what to record and its yours.

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    Turns out the case I was looking at with s1 sa recordings was just user error (audio was unexpectedly recorded in mono). From what I've seen s1 sa audio streams don't need to be run through ty1to2 before inserting onto an s2. Technically speaking, this is because the audio streams already have the necessary PES header that ty1to2 otherwise adds.
    In any case, the newer code is cleaned up a bit and ty1to2 will now correctly process s1 sa recordings (even when unnecessary

    I don't think I need any more samples, thanks.

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