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Thread: SA 1 Constantly Rebooting at Tivo Screen

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    15 SA 1 Constantly Rebooting at Tivo Screen

    I'm new to this, so bear with me. First I've had a Tivo since 1999, purchasing a second one in 2001 to replace the first one when Tivo support said it was bad. I've been using my 2nd Tivo now and just put a new WD 120 GB hard drive for my A drive. I want to say that without this forum I wouldn't have a clue to begin. I've also ordered a cache card from 9th Tee and am looking forward to installing that. What I want to try to do now is try to get my original Tivo unit running. I kept it in the closet and after reading alot of posts, think I might have a chance with some help from of you guys. I took my original HD from working Tivo and made a backup, which I used to make my image on my new drive. I placed the original HD into the defunct Tivo and booted it up. What is happening is the machine keeps rebooting at the Tivo screen. I restarted the unit several times, reseating the cable ribbon, replacing the cable ribbon, cleaning the PS connector to MB, also after reading several posts, renamed from the tvbin directory the modemtest and fanmonitor files. I did that because I seem to remember that the tech had said orginally that the modem was the problem, and on one reboot I got a screen stating the internal temp. was too high and the unit had to be shut down. The fan is working and I hear the hard drive spinning. I noticed on the sticky posted by Cali that he had broken the potential problems into sections, but I only see posts for sections 2 and 3. Is it listed somewhere else?
    By the way, both are Phillips SA 1 models, and I did try swapping master and cable select on HD

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