Ok I have a DSR6000 with stock 3.1.0b. It has never been hacked. I just put a TurboNet card in and I'd like to get a telnet daemon going so I can telnet in and run tivoweb, autoscramble/noscramble, mfs_ftp, etc. I've been reading for a few hours and even tried modding /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit (tivo undid the changes on first boot). All of the hacking info I have run across for the s1 dtivos seems to assume that you've been hacking all along and had 2.5xtreme or whatever already installed before 3.x came out.

So... what do I need to do to hack starting with stock 3.1.0b? Do I need to reflash the prom with a hacked prom? Do I have to downgrade to a hacked 2.5.2 distro and then upgrade to 3.1 again? i'd prefer not to loose all settings and even recorded shows if possible.