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Thread: Network Speed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dunkwho
    I get only 3Mbps (0.375 MBytes\s) wirelessly with my UK tivo Theres a known "something" that prevents a turboneted tivo from running at high transfer rates on a wireless network (to do with lining up the packets of data ready to send with the radio broadcast packets) ... i WAS getting 0.7MB/s with just 2 bits of wifi kit, now that I've introduced a wireless ADSL router is seems to have dropped my LAN speed (hey ho) - yet to find the cause of that!


    I've got a wireless G setup with UK machines and have inserts and extracts runnig at roughly the same speed as with a wired link.

    ~1,300Kbps wireless with ~1,500Kbps wired extracts

    ~750Kbps Inserts on both

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    How to lock the network card?

    How do I lock the network card on Tivo HDRV2
    to 100BASET? It is set to auto negotiate.

    Is there a parameter to insmod, or ifconfig?

    Also does anyone know how to do the following (from an earlier post):

    hdparm settings - set to allow multisect
    ideturbo settings - set to false

    My speed is like .42 and it looks like 1.5 should be the norm.



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