Ok, I did do a few searches, but I must admin, after 4 hours of trying to get this working, I am tired, so I may have missed something in my search.

My setup

Xtreme 2.5.2

Tivo is working perfectly

I just installed a cachecard with 512MB Kingston memory (installed perfectly (tight fit) booted Tivo, (booted perfectly) pinged the IP assigned to CacheCard (pinged perfectly). All lights lit up on the CacheCard. So I know this installed correctly and is working.

Now I want to FTP into it and get TivoWeb working. I do not see a serial port on the DSR6000 or anywhere to connect to it for Telnet session via Term, so I pulled the drives, plugged into PC, booted off setup CD I used, looked for /var/hack and it is missing.

I can mkdir /var/hack copy tivoftpd into it and mkdir /var/hack/tivoweb-tcl and copy everything into it (I burnt this onto a CDR and booted the PC with HDA = CDR HDB=CDR HDC=drive a)

When I reboot PC the /var/hack directory is once again gone. Why cant I keep it there, or is it hidden?????? Please help.

Oh, one other question, In my /etc/rc.d/ I have rc.inet1 not rc.sysinit

Crap, last piece of into, the ISO was sent to me by a friend (I did not know crap prior to a few days ago, so he helped me to that point, and the iso images (1 for initial install and 1 for upgrade) worked perfectly)

The CD's I was sent are labeled DSR6000 25Xtreme and Xtreme Upgrade v.3.10 & v.2.52 (and yes I used the v.2.52 upgrade for the dsr6000)