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Thread: RCA DVR40 still trying to call in

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    Question RCA DVR40 still trying to call in

    I ran sleepers.iso and everything went smooth no errors at all. but when I booted up my tivo It still want's to call in to set up service What could I have done wrong? will it stop trying to call when I set up my dtv service? I have :
    RCA DVR40
    100gb maxtor drive sucessfuly backed up and restored mfs2.0
    let me know if you need any more info

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    You should to let it make the initial call as part of the setup process before you use Sleeper's tivoscript. It doesn't need to be subbed at this point for it to work. Go ahead and make a test call or force a daily call just so you can get past the nag messages. You may get a failed indication but it will eventually indicate that the call succeeded.
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