but not the hacks... can't get it to get past the 'give some sleep time to acquire data....
it is has success:fix sub, sps30 &
sort installed in
then i hit enter and goes back to install page..
used delayed romfs....
tried it as stand alone... didn't work...
went thru hacks again and used pegasus....

1.) What script did you run? Prom or Monte?

2.) If you ran the Prom script, who soldered your prom into your Tivo?

3.) What model is your unit?

4.) How big is the original hard drive?
40 gig

5.) Is or has your original hard drive been hacked before.

6.) Have you ever performed a mfsrestore to your original hard drive?

7.) What version of software is running on your original hard drive?

8. ) Has your box been subbed, receiving DVR service and DTV if it's a DTivo?
no (brand new out of box)

9.) What size is the drive that your are restoring to?
60 gig

10.) Were there any error messages when running the scripts and exactly what did they say. If you are not sure then perform the entire operation again before posting.

11.) Include the text captured from your terminal (hyperterminal) where the error occurred in your post.

12.) Did you spill coffee on your Tivo while you had it open? Just kidding?

13.) Did you test the drive in your tivo after the RESTORE phase and before the SURGERY phase? Did it work?

14.) Did you test the drive in your tivo after the SURGERY phase and before the FINAL (HACKS) phase? Did it work?

15.) What model USB newtork adapter are you using?

16) Which network drivers did you choose to install?

as above