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Thread: Access card locked?

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    Access card locked?

    I got a UTV (DWD940RE) system from a friend of mine that moved from DirecTV to Dish. I can't get the unit to accept any access cards (DirecTV has sent me 5 cards!), and the system info reports what I assume is the original card, which I don't have. Does this unit lock to a certian access card? If so, how do I go about unlocking it? Any input would be appreciated.

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    There are two card slots, one that you can see, and the other one is behind the center door. If the system is reporting an access card number, then it sound like there is a card in the slot behind the door, where it actually goes. Push on the top center of the card slot door and it should pop down for you. If you stick the card in the wrong slot you will get connecting to web TV. One other possibility is if the card slot is broken, then you should get insert valid access card since it would not be making proper contact. Good Luck.


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    You may have a broken card reader. This commonly happens when a case is opened with a card in the slot.

    Are you trying to put the card in the open slot below & to the right of the power button? If so, this is not the correct slot. Push at the top of the dimpled panel below the power button to see the correct access card slot on the left side.

    If you were using the correct slot remove the card & open the case. Look very carefully at the wires under the card reader slot. There may be broken contacts. Let us know.

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