I've read here that people have lost all their hacks when their logs files took up too much space and their VAR directory was automatically deleted. I also read that the LogsNull hack prevents this from happening. See http://www.dealdatabase.com/forum/sh...60&postcount=3

I have a backup of my TiVo and of my VAR folder, but I don't want to worry about having to delete logs or having to replace the lost files(if I don't remember to delete logs). LogsNull looks like a good solution.

After installing it, my TiVo would not boot. I found that the modified rc.sysinit that contains the "runsyslog=false" line was the culprit. I had carefully followed the instructions and I've made sure that the re.sysinit, fixsub.tcl and logsNull files all have the executable attribute set. I can switch to my backed up rc.sysinit file and the TiVo boots just fine. I've posted my modified rc.sysinit file at

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why my TiVo won't boot with this hack? My TiVo is a Philips stand alone. I've installed Jeff Keegan's "Hacking TiVo" CD hacks and I have a CacheCard. I've also upgraded to a single 160GB hard drive using the LBA48 kernel. Everything else runs great. Perhaps one of my hacks is not compatible with LogsNull. Any ideas?

Steve Smith