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Thread: New dTivo - Need guidance

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    Lightbulb New dTivo - Need guidance

    I was able to cop a new dTivo out an unsuspectiing dealer for $99, its a 35hr Hughes DirecTivo setup. I am also running an emu.

    1) Can I use tiger tools to backup a DirecTivo? I've read the docs but there is no mention of if you can or not, I know TiVoMad got issues with DirecTivo so I figure its not too lame to ask b4 I do it.

    2) Once I got my drive backed up, my 2nd order of business is to change service states. Since this is a new Tivo, I'm assuming that the initial guided setup has not yet been ran. How do I get this to work, I'm almost sure its a bad idea to pop a phone line in with my emu card and run guided setup. How do you guys get around this?

    3) I've spent hours reading the threads, but havent found a FAQ that describes what needs to be done to get tivo from stop calling out. I've read something about updating crypto information, but still nothing concrete.

    Can someone offer any guidance with this setup? Or have a FAQ out there that tells me how to get this done?

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    1) yes
    2) complete=7 in fixup
    3) tivo cant call out w/o phoneline. still tries no matter what, but doesnt matter w/ fixup and phoneline unplugged. also, if you add tivonet, or setup ppp over serial, be sure to remove the default route, so that only your internal lan ips are accessable from the tivo (dont want it sending info out over the modem or a ppp/ethernet connection if you have it).

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