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Thread: Used hacked 130 Hour Sony SVR-2000 TiVo on EBay

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    32 Used hacked 130 Hour Sony SVR-2000 TiVo on EBay

    I am selling my 130 Hour hacked Sony SVR-2000 TiVo on EBay.

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    The unit has a 3 year extended service contract with Circuit City that expirers 12/08/2003. So you don't have to worry about it not working.
    Why do you think CC will honor the contract since the unit has been modified?

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    Just an advice,

    It's not a great idea of selling a unit with software that is still in beta (2.5), and showing your serial number like that is quite not right anymore, since anyone can use it to clone their tivo and download 2.5 directly from TiVo Inc.

    Be careful!
    - Vadim

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