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Thread: 3.1.1b hacks

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    3.1.1b hacks

    I'm pretty much an ubernoob to TiVo hacking. I've been looking at the TiVo Codes List, and can't get any of them to work (including backdoor mode). As the thread title says, I have software version 3.1.1b DVR40 DirecTivo. What's the best/easiest thing for me to do to get some of these hacks to work?
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    The backdoor code for that version of the tivo software is unknown at this time. You need to hack it and change the backdoor code. That way you can enter your own custom backdoor code. This will enable all of the backdoor hacks. Do a search on the forums, theres a script somewhere around here that you can download which will take care of that for you. Just make sure its for your specific software version.

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    Alternatively, backdoor mode is activated automatically when networking is enabled. (Actually it's more subtle than that, but basically, that's it.)

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