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Thread: two kernel monte

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    two kernel monte

    I'm sorry if this is not the correct forum but, it was my best guess.

    The situation:
    I've got a Series 2 (SA?) Tivo with 80gb Maxtor disk and 4.x kernel.
    I have the William von Hagen book "Hacking The Tivo"
    I want to monte the kernel.
    I don't want to add a bigger disk to Tivo.

    What I've done:
    I've taken the disk out of the Tivo, mounted it on my Linux pc, ran mfstool to make a backup of the kernel and discovered that I need a copy of the MIPS 3.1 kernel in order to complete the monte. My surprise was this 3.1 kernel was not included on the CD with the book.

    I get the depressing impression that a person must forage for this image through various p2p services. I'm not sure why this is, since the Linux kernel is GPL and Tivo has the source code available for free download.

    My question is, what is the name of the kernel file that I should be looking for on these p2p services?

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