I am starting this thread for discussion of the Universal Slice Upgrade Tool that was born in these two threads:



Mods, please spin off the relavent posts from those threads and merge into this one.

DO NOT ASK STUPID OR SUPPORT QUESTIONS IN THIS THREAD like "when will it be released" or "will it work for my version" or "I did this and now ...", etc... This thread is for development discussion only!


a) Work on monte'd and prom modded Series 2 units. Series 1 will only be included if a developer with a S1 unit is able to test and debug.

b) Not software version specific.

c) Work on system that has the slices already loaded but upgrade has been prevented.

d) User can specify the location of the slices. Slices will not be packaged wit this tool.

e) Keeps all existing hacks/utilities in tact while upgrading.