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Thread: Newbie hacker

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    Newbie hacker

    I have recently been given a Thompson UK TiVo and have set about upgrading it.

    I am very grateful to the many people out there who have put so much time and effort into creating all the software available.

    I have so far managed to install a TurboNet card and a second hard disk, but am looking to go further.

    I would be grateful for any help or pointers to help on the following:

    1. Series

    My TiVo says it is software 2.5.5-01-1-023 and kernel 2.1.24-TiVo-2.5.
    Is it a series 1 or 2?

    2. Linux tools

    Some obvious tools are missing from my TiVo (ls, more etc.) and I fed up of typing echo *. Is there a standard Linux toolset I can install?

    3. TiVo tools

    What are the obvious TiVo tools to install? So far I have only managed to get TiVoWeb 1.9.4 (only just seen TWP - must install that soon). What else should I install? What are modules? How do I install them?

    Is there a beginners guide to the kinds of things that applications do, so that I can better understand the articles that require this knowledge?

    4. What is MFS?

    I used MFSbackup and MFSadd to install the extra disk, but I think other places refer to MFS running on the TiVo. WHat is MFS?

    5. Watch TV

    I have read a bit about (but not installed yet) vserver, TyStudio and mplayer. What is the latest set of these?

    I really want to watch live (or nearly live - 10s lag would be fine) TV on my PC. Do any of these tools allow me to do this?

    Any help with these question, or pointers to places I have missed on the Internet, would be very gratefully received.



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    actual development belongs in the dev forums, not newbie questions. post moved accordingly
    Step one: search button!
    Silly Wabbit, guides are for kids

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    Sorry for posting in the wrong place and thanks for moving it.

    I have answered many of my own questions now, using Steve Jenkins excellent How-To, found from sanderton's great list of docs.

    Only thing that I still don't know is what series my TiVo is.

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    Stand Alone Series 1.


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