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Thread: A working process to import DirecTiVo video into DVD Studio Pro 2.0

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    A working process to import DirecTiVo video into DVD Studio Pro 2.0

    Here’s a process for Mac users not running Virtual PC that enables DVD Studio Pro 2.0 to import DirecTiVo 480x480 video without re-encoding the original source. The process involves patching the header to a DVD compliant format AND modifying the bitrate using a combination of PC and Mac applications. Unlike DVD Studio Pro 1.5(and older) where patching the header was all it took to “fool” the program into thinking the source file was DVD compliant, DVD Studio Pro 2.0 requires the usage of both “hacks”.

    I’m going to assume you already have a working DirecTiVo to extract the program of your choice(we’ll call our extracted file test.mpg) and have de-muxed said file into elemental streams--test.mpa(audio) and test.mpv(video). Additionally, you'll need to install DVDPatcher on your PC and Gumby on your Mac. The audio elemental stream test.mpa imports directly into DVD Studio Pro 2.0, so we can leave that file as is. Test.mpv requires two modifications as shown below:

    Step 1) Launch DVDPatcher and drag test.mpv into main working window under the “Browse…” button. Or, you can select “Browse…” and import the file.

    Step 2) Under “Patch MPEG2 File to:”, set “Bitrate” to 8.0 Mbit (DVD) and also make sure “Patch” is set to First header only.

    Step 3) Select the Patch now! button and a new window will open showing the old and new file parameters. Double-check the bitrate has been correctly set to 8.0 Mbit, header only and select Start. The bitrate for test.mpv is now set to 8.0 Mbps.

    Step 4) Now we need to patch the header of test.mpv to mirror that of a DVD compliant 720x480 File using the Mac application Gumby. Begin by transferring the test.mpv file you patched in Step 3 to your Mac via an external hard drive, FTP, home network, etc.

    Step 5) Launch Gumby and select the MFIX tab to open MPEG FIXER. Drag test.m2v from Finder into Gumby, select Patch DVD Video, then Process. . .
    You now have a .mpv file in a format that DVD Studio Pro 2.0 will accept. Leave Gumby open, as you'll use this app. again in Step 6.

    Step 6) Launch DVD Studio Pro and import the asset test.mpv. Now drag test.mpv from Finder once again into Gumby’s MPEG FIXER to change the header back to it’s original format. Select Restore SVCD Video, then Process. . . That's it!

    Series I DSR6000 DirecTivo with TurboNET

    TyTool or TyStudio
    DVDPatcher 1.06 (PC application)
    Gumby 1.0 Beta 47 (Mac application)
    DVD Studio Pro 2.0.4
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