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Thread: HELP with BASH - Linux Primer

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    HELP with BASH - Linux Primer

    Hope I'm in the right forum for this so here goes...

    For reference here is the TiVo I'm working with: DirecTiVo Hughes SD-DVR40 (software version 3.1.1c) and the wireless NIC is a Netgear MA111

    I am totally new to hacking my TiVo - the only experience I've had is upgrading from the included 40GB drive to a 160GB thanks to Hinsdale's How-To Guide. I am now trying to get my TiVo to make its phone calls using a wireless adapter instead of a phone-line. So after posting in this forum and poking around I figured out/was told that I had to Monte the TiVo. Thanks in
    large part to Sleeper's ISO I was able to Monte the TiVo. I then came up to the network drivers selection. I tried all three and didn't get anything out of my wireless adapter - back to the forums. I then found the post (don't remember the poster's name) referencing the Prism drivers that added support for my wireless adapter. It was a no-go though because I had to find a way
    to access a BASH prompt from within TiVo to install the drivers. After searching the forums some more I found that I would either have to do it with a serial cable and a terminal program or that I could do it with the TiVo's hard drive connected to my computer using MFSTOOLS. I decided to do it with the TiVo hard drive connected to my computer. Using MFSTOOLS I was able
    to get a BASH prompt which is when my trouble really started and where I need the most help.

    Like I said before I know next to nothing about Linux. What I now need to do is find a guide/tutorial/primer for Linux so that I will be able to mount the hard drives (hda which would be my Primary/Master HD that has the Prism drivers on it and hdc which would be the TiVo hard drive), find out what commands I need to use to move the files from hda to hdc (I was messing around with it a little this morning and I couldn't even figure out to move between the two drives to transfer the files) and finally install the drivers (which I think I could do with the included readme but I'll more than likely be posting in here for help with that too).

    Now before I get flamed I'm not asking for someone to hold my hand through this. What I'm hoping is that someone will point me in the direction for a guide/tutorial/primer on Linux and BASH so that I will be able to learn these commands to do this. I've read a couple and can't seem to find the information that I need to do this. Of course it would be great if someone
    posted some steps/tips I could follow but I'm not expecting it. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Bourne-Again-SHell primer???

    I too have been looking for a good BASH primer. I have tried reading the MAN page for Linux, but it covers SO much that I cannot digest it all. Is there a good primer for the commands most useful for TIVO hacking?

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    Bash help

    The problem you'll have is that most of what you're going to do is not bash, it just uses bash... Telnet/bash is a simple little protocol that passes commands to the linux computer. Linux has lots and lots of tiny little programs that actually are the commands.

    Bash commands:

    cd - change directory
    logout - doh
    set - show the current settings (such as PATH)

    Programs to know (most of these live in /bin):

    ls - list the files on the computer (dos==dir)
    cp - copy programs (dos==copy)
    mv - move and rename programs
    chmod - change a program's access type (to make it executable, read-only, etc)
    pwd - print working (current) directory
    ps - get a list of the running processes
    vi - an arcane text editor
    So, what you want is tutorials on these simple programs that bash will run for you.

    Things to keep in mind.

    [1] Case sensitivity exists in unix. Get upper/lower case right.

    [2] Paths use the forward slash "/" not the backslash "\"

    [3] The tivo itself has no ls or ps or vi programs. You'll have to find them elsewhere if you plan to use the tivo bash as an interface. Look on this forum for pointers (I got mine from sourceforge somewhere or other). Use ftp to put these on your tivo then chmod +x them to make them executable.

    [4] Use ./programname to run a program in your current directory.
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    I was in the same boat as you a few weeks ago and found the following sites helpful: (nice walkthrough tutorial) (quick reference) (using VI to edit text files)

    Also, if you used Sleeper's ISO then you allready have most of the basic linux commands installed on your tivo.
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