I need someone to help walk me through what is necessary to get the software on my TiVo freshened up. I don't really mess with things a whole lot, so i am not extremely well-versed in all the Tivo hacks. I generally only install things when I find something that suits my needs.

But, my Tivo has been acting kind of flaky lately, it keeps rebooting at 2:00am and tries to install a new software version, but never does. I would like to just get on the latest software... get rid of all the hacks I have installed, (I don't remember everything I have tried out), and then install the things I would need from there.

1. I want to transfer all of my current recordings. (They are not scrambled, but I am unsure of which method is currently being used... I used noscramble.o at one time, but I thikn it failed and I tried something else later on... not sure. How can I find out??)
2. I want all of my season passes, wishlists, and ratings (if possible) transferred.
3. I need a hack for the latest software to disable phone calls, I don't have a phone line near the receiver, and don't want it hooked up via LAN all the time.

What's the best way to go about getting my installation cleaned up that would meet my needs??