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Thread: Odd TiVo Restart (solved before I could even post...)

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    Odd TiVo Restart (solved before I could even post...)

    So here I was, minding my own business, just mucking around trying to set up DailyMail_Jazz on my SA S2 running 4.0.1b-01-2-240, when vi stopped responding over telnet... the TiVo had rebooted.

    I couldn't figure out what would have caused it, and I spent a few minutes gathering info for a "help me" type post.

    Then I went back to TiVo Central and noticed that the Free HMO trial for all Standalone S2 users has begun for me.

    *sigh*.... a little odd for them to restart my TiVo to add this functionality... in the _MIDDLE_ of a recording...

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    Last time my Tivo restarted during a recording it corrupted my MFS and I had to restore.
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