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Thread: Get the weather from tivo cmd line

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    Get the weather from tivo cmd line

    This simple little TCL script pretends to be a browser and gets the local forecast from the NOAA web site. It just spits it out to stdout but this can be redirected to a file or parsed or whatever. I pipe it to my mailfile.tcl script to deposit the weather report in my tivo messages like this:

    get-weather.tcl | mailfile.tcl stdin "Daily Weather Forecast" tivo
    edit: you need newest version of mailfile posted today

    useful when run from a daily cron job.


    It tries to use cwingert's DNS resolver but falls back to a static IP if it doesn't work/not installed. I think all future hacks that access the net should use it.

    You need to edit this line so that it fetches the right file for your region.

    set URL "/pub/data/forecasts/zone/xx/xxz012.txt"
    Goto and find the right one for you.

    edit: maybe this is a good place to start:


    The good thing about this technique is that it could be used to grab other web content if it's displayed a somewhat simple text mode.
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