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Thread: Hughes GXCEBOT Upgrade Drive

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    Hughes GXCEBOT Upgrade Drive

    Running an upgraded drive on Ebay... It is done and ready to just drop in and go...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahhfoo
    Running an upgraded drive on Ebay... It is done and ready to just drop in and go...
    I hope you are not selling this with any hacks installed that have limitations on distribution in thier licences. This means mfs_ftp for one, others have adopted a similar licence restriction. In general its considered in bad taste to distribute hacked drives through this board.

    On the other hand if you just expanded the size and did not include any hacks I apologize for jumping to any wrong conclusions.

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    Plus a 120GB drive won't give you 126 hours of recording capacity as you claimed in your ebay listing (it's more like 106 hours). I didn't see anything that indicated there were any hacks installed so he's probably good in that respect. In fact, there's not really much info in the listing that describes exactly what this drive is supposed to do other than a direct drop-in replacement.
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