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Thread: Pre-hacked / eBay / "MODIFIED" TiVo FAQ

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    Pre-hacked / eBay / "MODIFIED" TiVo FAQ

    Q: This "hacking" thing seems like a lot of work. Why shouldn't I just buy a pre-hacked TiVo off eBay?

    A: Aside from possible legal issues arising from copyright violators on eBay (which YOU as the purchaser might be sued for in the future), it is CLEARLY not the intent of most authors/developers that their work be whored out for profit. Since we strive to provide an environment in which people will be comfortable sharing their accomplishments, this conduct is strongly discouraged.

    In addition, you will be a better person if you learn to do it yourself. You don't have to become a developer or a "god" to hack your TiVo - all it takes is a little time and effort.

    Q: I already bought a hacked TiVo or "upgrade drive," and I have a question about it. Can somebody help me?

    A: Sorry, we do not support pre-hacked units. We have no way of knowing how it is configured, and if you didn't set it up yourself, you don't either. Contact the seller if you need assistance.

    Q: Well the seller is ignoring my emails. I'm stuck here - what can I do?

    A: If the seller is unresponsive, be sure to dispute the charge with your credit card issuer and/or Paypal so that you get your money back. You paid a HUGE premium for a level of service that you are clearly not receiving; these boxes cost $100 in the stores and cost exactly $0 to hack.

    Next, find a virgin image (consult the image begging threads if you need help), apply it to your hard drive, and then proceed to hack the unit from scratch. This is the only way you can be assured that it is set up correctly. Most of the eBay vendors possess little or no hacking skill; after a few days' reading here, there's a good chance you'll have a better grasp of the subject than the guy who sold you the unit.

    Q: I'd like to offer a "service" where I hack peoples' TiVos for a fee. Can I advertise it here in posts or private messages?

    A: No. The spirit of this board encourages learning, exploration, and development - not commercial activity. PROM socketing (WITHOUT modifications to the unit's hard drive contents) is explicitly allowed, as long as the activity is conducted in an honest, reasonable manner.

    Q: Does that mean I can't sell my own personal unit that I hacked a long time ago, in the For Sale section?

    A: No, the restriction is only intended to cover ongoing/recurring/premeditated business activities, not occasional sales of used equipment or offers of assistance to your fellow man.
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