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Thread: DTiVo BASH_ENV problem

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    35 DTiVo BASH_ENV problem

    I just upgraded my DTiVo Series 2 S2 DirecTiVo Combo from DirecTV's TiVo to use two 160GB drives. Unfortunately, I did not know at the time that I would need to save some of the disk space to create a hacking partition and that has me worried since I don't have 320 GB of disk space to spare elsewhere -- my biggest computer has only 80 GB TOTAL -- but it is not my current problem.

    Anyway, so I got the the Hacking the TiVo book from Von Hagen and using his BATBD CD copy (included in the book) I was able to copy my DTiVo version 3.1.1c to the new drive. I then used the BASH_ENV hack to try and get a command prompt. After making my own serial cable to connect to a PC running Hyperterm, I turned on TiVo and got... NOTHING! I connected RTS-CTS and DSR-DTR-CD and cross-connected TX and RX to integrate the Null Modem in the cabling. I tested the wire and everything is connected as should for the cable. I plugged the serial into the upper "Serial" jack on my RCA39 Series 2. I installed the ROMFS, I changed the linux boot params. I searched the internet for days for answers (part of the problem is the number of synonyms for DTiVo that exist and the fact that the forums always put DirecTiVo in the title of the forum so you can't tell by Google if the article is actually about DirecTiVo). And yet, no bash prompt.

    What am I doing wrong? Does the BASH_ENV hack not work on DTiVo 3.1.1c? Will the 2 Kernel Monte work?? Where then do I get the "old" kernel for the Monte?

    Also, the next step is to get the USB Wireless working. I have a Linksys 802.11b USB device hooked up but the DTiVo does not seem to use it. The connected light does not come one. Is there and FAQ for getting Networking working on a DTiVo Series 2 (running 3.1.1c)? I assume then I can install Telnetd via the serial connection and then I can FINALLY screw my computer and TiVo back together. If I can just get that far, I will be SO HAPPY! It would be nice not to have to take my computer repeatedly off line and leave a computer in my living room with my DTiVo's innards exposed, not to mention the balancing act of getting the EIDE cable to connect the computer to the hard drives which need to dangle off of it.

    Anyway, all help is GREATLY appreciated and thanks in advance!!


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    Want to give Sleeper scripts a try? (see sticky thread in Series 2 forum)

    p.s. you might not be able to use all 320 gb of space without the large disk support. Might want to search/read up on that as well.

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