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Thread: How long should "Clearing and deleting" actually take?

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    How long should "Clearing and deleting" actually take?

    Finally got mt SAT T-60 running... Decided to clear data to start fresh... I get the "clearing and deleting everything and that it will take an hour" message on my screen, but it's been running for almost 10 hours now... Is the normal... I have a 80GB drive in it...

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    My 120 gig system took almost 2 hours...

    that is too long...I would try a reset...

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    It should only take about an hour, regardless of the size of the drive (just like it says on the screen). However, I would assume it might take a bit longer if you have a lot of recordings on the drive. Other than that, it's pretty much just clearing out the logs, guide data, settings and preferences you have set up in order to return the drive to "virgin" status.
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    Everytime I have done it (about 5 times), it took about 1.5 hours.

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