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Thread: No phone upgrade for Phillips DSR 6000

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    No phone upgrade for Phillips DSR 6000

    I have 2 DSR 6000 units and two RCA DVR 40 units.

    Both of the RCA units have 160 gig drives and the no phone conection upgrade. Is there an upgrade to the DSR 6000 that won't need the daily call? The first DSR 6000 has a 80 gig drive and works fine for the last year or so. The second unit just died. I have a 120 gig hard drive to replace the original 40 gig drive and would like to put the no phone option on both.

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    The nophone hack used for the RCAs will work on the DSR6000s since it's a script and is not platform specific. You'll need to flash the EEPROM and hack them to get bash if you haven't used 2.5Xtreme on them. The Turbonet install CD has the EEPROM flashing utility and the kill_initrd program to get you started. The rest of the hacks can be installed manually.
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