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Thread: Newbie question regarding vserver

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    Newbie question regarding vserver

    Hi, I've just installed a network card in my series 1 UK Tivo and I've just started to find out all the exciting things I can do with it. One of which is watch programs on my PC.

    I think the problem I have is that I need vserver running. I have done a search and vserver gets mentioned a lot but I've not been able to find out where I get it from and how I install it.

    I can't be already running it because when I go to TWP and select User Interface and Now Showing there is a link next to each show that says "View". When I click on that it opens media player and and then it just crashes out with no error message. Media Player plays the TY files when I extract them to my PC so I seem to have the plug-ins installed, or have I missed some?.

    So is it vserver I need or is it something I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks for any help you can give.


    Edit: I have found vserver. It wasn't easy. the link to is dead. What you need (if anyone else wants it) is to click on and then click on Vstream 1.2 Binary and Source for S1 and S2 which actually downloads vserver along with the other stuff.

    Edit 2: I've loaded vserver and that has done the trick.
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    Would you mind helping me do this? I have been reading these boards a lot trying to figure how to load this and am getting no where.

    Can you use Winrar to extract the vstream files? Do you then create a directory to upload them onto your Tivo va FTP? I did this and then went to Telnet to load the vserver file (./vserver in the directory the file is located) but it came back telling me that it could not load the binary file. I checked that I was uploading these as binaries and I was. I must be missing a huge step here.

    Any tips?


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    Have you tried using the updated files found HERE?

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