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Thread: I think I skipped something with the Sleeper ISo on my SD-DVR40

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    I think I skipped something with the Sleeper ISo on my SD-DVR40

    I have an SD-DVR40 and I tried the Sleeper ISO and I think I must have skipped something. I did the monte step not the prom step. Is that right? I know it did the backup phase. I thought I did the stuff after it restarts but it went way too fast and I know it was supposed to ask me questions that it didn't. It is supposed to ask me what my ip, gateway and subnet mask are right? It didn't do that. It also didn't ask me what network driver to install. When should it ask these questions? What step?

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    The monte step was the correct selection. You only perform the PROM phase if you have a hacked and socketed EEPROM. There are four phases to Sleeper's tivoscript: backup, restore, surgery, and hacks. The IP addresses and ethernet drivers are installed during the hacks phase. After you've done a backup and restore the image to another drive the PC shuts down so you can test the new drive in the Tivo. No hacks have been performed on the drive at this point. Once you've completed the check of the restored drive you must reinstall the drive in the PC and continue with the surgery and hacks phases. They both run back-to-back but you can choose to skip either one by pressing any key and then Enter. It's not a bad idea to shut down the PC after the surgery phase to make sure your Tivo will boot after the monte hack is installed during the surgery phase. You can perform the hacks phase at any time thereafter by starting over and simply skipping the first three phases.
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