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Thread: UTV Drive Swap?

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    UTV Drive Swap?

    I had one UTV go bad. Have replacement unit. How can I use my old 100+ hour drive in the new UTV. I simply took my drive out of the old unit, placed it in the new and powered it up. No go though. I get a series of LED blinks. Put back in original 40 gig drive, system boots. Do i need to unlock the drive? I do NOT need contents of drive, it can be erased. Thanks in advance.

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    It sounds like it needs to be unlocked

    just follow the sticky and unlock and zero out the drive... Let it call into MSN... if that doesnt work there are instructions on how to place 3.5 on your system just get a 3.7 image and follow the exact same instructions...

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    The blinking LED's is the UTV zeroing the new drive it has detected. The password is set from your old UTV.

    Leave it for and hour and it will reset the password and dial into MSN.

    But geminicat's suggestion will work too

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