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Thread: Remove B drive!?

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    Remove B drive!?

    I just added a B drive to my tivo and expanded. Now when i tried to use Sleeper, all i get is:

    Second MFS Driver Needed: No such file or directory
    Second MFS Driver Needed2: Illegal seek
    Second MFS Driver Needed: No such file or directory
    Second MFS Driver Needed3: Illegal seek
    mfs_load_volume_header: Total sectors(79358976) mismatch with volume header(319475712)
    mfs_load_volume_header: Loading anyway.
    mfs_load_zone_map: Primary zone map corrupt, loading backup.
    mfs_load_zone_map: Secondary zone map corrupt, giving up.
    mfs_load_zone_map: Zone map checksum error!
    Unable to open MFS drivers.

    Is this error because i have installed a B drive? If so can i remove the B drive?Or can i just change something in Sleeper?

    Note: I tested the A+B combo in my tivo for about 10min, i did not record anything. I would like to keep all my shows that were on the A drive if possable.

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    Sorry to say this, but it would've been easier to run Sleeper ona single drive system. Try to mount both Tivo A and B on the secondary IDE and see if that works.

    Search for "divorce" on how to return to a single drive. Not sure if you can keep your recordings though.

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