ok, i installed 25Xtreme and the xupgrade option. Turned on NoPhone and currently run version 2.5.2.
I don't care about FTP,Ethernet, etc.. I just want a working Tivo with a bigger harddrive and thats what I have. (SAT-T60)

The question is, if I let it sit with no phone line will it still get updated and will my TIvo stop working correctly?

Do I need to turn on the SDD or SSD (can't remember) so it stops possible satellite updates?

If I ever did plug in a phone line would it be safe, meaning no updates would occur? OR, maybe my Tivo could be updated and it will still work fine so I shouldn't even worry about it.

I've read through the forums and could not find a straight answer so I decided to post.

The only thing i have turned on is the NoPhone hack but maybe I need to turn on more...please let me know your thoughts.