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Thread: Second disk added - Extra hours not there

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    17 Second disk added - Extra hours not there

    I just added a second hard drive to my RCA DTV DVR40 (unhacked)

    first I monte'd the A drive and then ran BlessTivo on the B drive
    but when I go into sysinfo it doesnt show up the extra hours
    but it does show the 2 hard drive ID's

    I also got an err51 I am in the process of running a C&D now if that doesnt work i guess i need to look into 51killer?

    but I wonder why the extra hours arnt showng up....anyone?


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    When you "Monted" your drive and did you restore you should have at that time added both drives to you secondary controller and Monte would have taken care of adding it and the hours. If you still are having problems, try running "Monte" again and when you get to the "Restore" Part add the drives to the secondary controller.
    Good Luck:

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    I upgraded from a 40 to 120 and never got the extra space I was supposed to. I missed the following command. I am not sure it applies to you with 2 drives I went from a 40 to 120gb

    You need to hook the drive back into the computer and run this command, which will expand the capacity:

    mfsadd -x /dev/hdx

    obviously "hdx" will be whatever the Tivo hard drive is.

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