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Thread: Added second drive REBOOT LOOP

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    Unhappy Added second drive REBOOT LOOP

    Dear all

    I added a second HDD to my Dtivo DVR40 using mfsadd -x
    after I did this and put it back int the tivo it constantly reboots at the Almost
    There screen
    these drivers are a 40gigMaxtor(master) and a 30gigIBM(slave)
    I am runniing 3.1c non hacked (as yet)

    any help as to what to do next or what output to post to help solve it would be great
    EDIT: I currentl;y have Cable select disbaled this right?
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    I would check the jumpers on the drives. The maxtor drives can be tricky, there are two versions of master, one is master or single, the other is master with slave present. When i had my jumper settings wrong that was the result.

    Make no assumptions, just start from scratch take the drives out look at the jumper assignments and verify everything.

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