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Thread: Sony Sat T60

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    Sony Sat T60

    Can someone please tell me if and how you can connect a serial to the sony T60 . I see no 9 pin connections or anything just the serial 1 prong socket. Also in Tivo Service: 2: Not set up. 4 days remaining. Can I reset this in version 2.5 or am i screwed in 4 days? What is going to happen in 4 days will all options be disabled? Thanks for anyones help...

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    How did you get 2.5?

    Do you have 2.5? If you do you cant reset it. Sorry you can't even get bash on 2.5. has a tivo com kit you can buy or head down to radio shack and save a few bucks. Check the FAQ you will find all the answers you seek on serial items. As for 2.5 its not out yet so info on that will be a little hard to come by.

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