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  • $100 - (WHEW! sure glad I didn't have to void the warrenty with a prom mod)

    7 14.00%
  • $0 - (gonna let somebody else foot the bill & HOPE the exploit appears)

    5 10.00%
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Thread: HD-TIVO exploit bounty

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    HD-TIVO exploit bounty

    THE CHALLENGE: - sw only exploit providing bash access

    THE DEADLINE: - Jan 1st, 2005

    the details:

    clueless hordes - vote on how much you're willing to contribute, then paypal your donation (pm for details). if there's no hack by the deadline funds will be returned

    multiple votes allowed and they're public. this thread will reflect who's voted / donated / tried to weasel out (weasels will be BANNED)

    developers - submit what you have via pm or e-mail. the hack must boot a hd unit to the bash prompt such that an initrd nulled kernel can be used

    candidate exploits will be evaluated by qualified community members

    to be eligible for the bounty the exploit must be freely available to ddb members for personal noncommercial use. redistribution / resale license restrictions to prevent ebay / hero abuse are acceptable

    on Jan 1 the bounty collected will be either:

    1) awarded to the first developer that provided a working exploit

    2) returned to the contributors

    if a working exploit surfaces before Jan 1 the challenge may be closed & the bounty awarded
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    Verified Donations: CHALLENGE MET!

    notabe contributors

    $100, almontebarnes - first person to part with a significant chunk of change

    $250, ntesla - largest single donation from a tivo geek

    $85 - non-ddb / non-tivo people (thanks slashdot)

    ~$200 - anonymous, folks willing to donate w/o recieving credit ( allthough some voted in the poll )

    if I've left you out PLEASE don't take it as an insult - my inbox is mess at the moment. I'll update as things normalize & am able to verify direct EFF donations

    when the dust settles I believe we may top $2k!!!


    the challenge donation paypal is (no transaction fees) credit card donations should to go

    please include your ddb handle so I know who donated what. if you're not a ddb member or want to remain anonymous just say so in the paypal comments.

    anyone interested in donating hardware please pm
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    I don't have an HD and don't intend on getting one so I voted the $0.. I think you need to change the wording on the $0 to something like "don't care"...
    Four Hacked HDVR2's,
    One Still slightly confused Hacker,
    4 dogs, 8 cats, and 1 wife that is happy as long as I don't screw up her TiVo ...... Oh yeah two grandchildren that are the light of my life!

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    this isn't a is anybody interested thread

    this is a LETS GET THIS DONE thread

    presumably anybody that doesn't care won't bother to read/post/vote in the first place

    I'd bet $$$ at least 1 of the elder gods has this worked out allready, if not, maybe a tivo insider will leak a signed kernel we can use

    just gotta give 'em a reason to share their toys


    bash allows for PLENTY of legit uses like tivoweb, TCS, dailymail, etc

    if you want to debate this particular bounty, do so in the sewer
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    My vote is more about having options than being afraid to void my warranty.

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