Well i shutdown myworld (switcherstart)
and my transfer rate picked up to 2.5meg/sec (YAY!)
nwow my question is how do i restart it without having to reboot the TiVo
/tvbin/switcherstart -m -F

I have tried it with and without the -m (starts mfsd) and the -F (runs in forground)
I have tried with teh full path and also without
Couldn't CreateSharedMemoryFile() /var/tmp//ResourceMgr.mpkey -- check permissions
Tmk Assertion Failure:
    Create, line 109 ()
Tmk Fatal Error: Thread myworld <253> died due to signal -2
a3404c d28104 d282dc d2840c 5524c8 400930 d79b10
-rw-------   1 0        0              12 Aug  4 16:05 ResourceMgr.mpkey
it appears the perms on are correct so I just don't get it...anyone?